Amazing Trail magic by an amazing women, thanks for the great spread you are a true Trail ANGEL!!!


"Skywalker" One of the tallest dudes to hike the Appalachian Trail 6'11, and me at 5'7


This amazing women known as "Drag'n Fly" became the oldest women to hike the Appalachian Trail 2014

Between two states on top of a mountain, what a cool feeling.

The harder the climb the greater the reward.

Beautiful view of my final hike on the Appalachian Trail.

Final hike on the Appalachian Trail.


Long day of hiking, but first a selfie.

Hanging off a cliff letting the cool breeze fill me with life.

Picture on the Appalachian Trail that shows massive weight loss.

Posing with my shirt off, something I would have been too embarrassed to do before the hike.

This is a picture of the final hike on Mount Katahdin, notice the massive boulders we had to climb to arrive at our final destination.

A picture taken from a drone at McAfee knob in North Carolina, reflecting on how low I sank and how high I’ve soared.

An article written about my journey in New Hampshire Magazine, a very proud moment.

Feeling on top of the world.

Entering New England and feeling amazing!

A shirt I wear proudly on every Alzheimer's walk.

The eight hundred miles down, many more to go.

King of the mountain. 

The stairway to Hell testing my limits on day one.

Seven hundred miles on the Appalachian Trail.

The famous dress from the woman who inspired my journey.

Trail days

Hiking the Trail on a rainy day.

Coming down from a mountain I saw a sign made out of cardboard that hung from a tree limb, it advertised a convince store named Mom's. They sold snacks ice cream, and best of all soda which gave me the sugar high I needed to keep on keeping on.

The final hike up Mount Katahdin in Maine, lot's of emotions went into this hike.

 Sitting down at McAfee Knob one of the most popular places to have your picture taken on the Appalachian Trail.