At the time when I was going through my own personal hell with alcoholism, there was no such thing as Hope for New Hampshire, an organization hell bent on giving people struggling with addiction a safe place, a place of hope. I volunteered for this organization a few times back when I was living in New Hampshire before I left for Los Angeles. The tireless effort the staff goes though to help everyone in the gripes of addiction and to find there own personal light at the end of a dark tunnel is a major inspiration to me. It's because of the selfless act of Hope for New Hampshire, that I'll be donating proceeds from each book sold to their cause. Even if you don't buy my book please donate to Hope for New Hampshire, every little bit helps in the fight against addiction. Thanks and remember hike your own hike. 


HOPE for NH Recovery is a non-profit organization that supports the provision of recovery support services. Although our centers provide space for various 12-step meetings and other peer-to-peer recovery supports, our recovery centers are not affiliated with any of these groups. We are committed to providing welcoming, safe, and supportive environments for those interested in recovery. We are open to everyone seeking recovery and support people on all paths to recovery.  Our centers provide peer to peer coaching and Telephone Recovery Support (TRS).  Our Mission is to get drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well.