Is it because I’m older that I no longer find the excitement I once did at the movies? Strangers inside a dark theater seated next to one another, sticky floors soaked from years of spilled soda, people next to you crunching over priced popcorn like they’ve never had them before. Then there’s the talking, god help me the talking. Be quite! This is a shared space, we all paid a massive price to see the movie and now I have to hear a conversation about how the main character reminds you of your ex-boyfriend. With the advent of cell phones, people now think they have the right to text every few seconds through out the film. I’m not saying these people should get the death penalty, there are instances of emergency’s but texting your friends how good or bad the movie is isn’t one of them.

 Can I ask you a favor? At the conclusion of the film please don’t clap. I’ll let you in on a little secrete, the actors aren’t really there, the people like me, who just want to leave the theatre in peace and quiet without your ovations, for characters on a oversized screen, are.

 Maybe I’m exhausted, exhausted from too many bad super hero movies with over inflated budgets whose story line I can’t follow. I’m too old and the shots the directors choose happen so fast in a fight scene sometimes I don’t know who’s winning or losing the battle, maybe it’s me who is at fault for going to the movies in the first place.

 Once in a while my expectations are so low for a movie that had no budget and actors I’ve never heard of that I a get pleasantly surprised. I’m sitting in a crappy theatre with hardly anyone else, the movie begins and I’m hooked, the story line is amazing, I’m crunching popcorn like I’ve never had them before, I become enraptured by what’s coming out of the projector above me that I can ignore everything any everyone around me. I’m texting a friend about how amazing the hidden jewel of a film really is, then someone from a few seats over hushes me and I realize, I’ve become the person I was complaining about. As I stand up and clap for the film when it’s over, I think to myself, maybe we’re not so different after all.



Moving; The True American Horror Show

After two years of staying in our quaint little apartment, my fiancé and I are moving. We’ve lived at our current apartment for over two years, and are now going to move in with her mother to save up and purchase a house. The first thing I thought of when I heard the news was, do we know anyone with a tuck? Where are we going to get boxes? Do we know anyone that wants to help? Who the hell would want to help, moving sucks! We need to change our drivers licenses to our new address as well as all our billing information, because god forbid someone out there get a bill for my car insurance in the mail. I have to find a new coffee shop to write from, the one I currently work out from is perfect for me everyone knows my name and my coffee is ready as soon as I walk though the doors, now I have to start that relationship all over again.

You’ll never realize all the junk you have until you start boxing it up or tossing it in the trash, for instance my fiancé has a collection of shot glasses from places she’s visited all over the world, did I mention she doesn’t drink? Why do we need these things? I have a winter coat; I live in Los Angeles why do I have this coat?

There are differences in our packing techniques as well, I’ll shove all my crap in a box not thinking twice about it, then write with a black sharpie my name to differentiate from my fiancé stuff. My fiancé method is completely different, she’ll take time to wrap each thing individually, and as she’s doing this she’ll tell a story about what she was thinking when she purchased the item and why it’s so special to her. I’m as confused to her way of packing as she is of mine, maybe that’s why we work so well together because we’re so opposite, and it’s a good thing there’s no one I’d rather have this adventure with in life than her.

If anyone helps us move, my fiancé will insist we buy them pizza, does this show we’re crappy people, I mean think about it they’re going out of their way to help us and we’re buying them two pizza’s with an expired coupon from the bottom of our junk drawer, but they might have a truck so I suppose it’s an even trade.

So roll up your sleeves make sure you have someone who you love who has patience to deal with your packing style, and get ready to move, it’s going to be over before you know it.

Peace and Love



Five Lessons Learned on the Appalachian Trail

Here are some lessons that I learned while hiking the Appalachian Trail. If you’re planning on taking on the Trail take a few minutes to read this blog, it might help you out.

Lesson 1) Hike Your Own Hike- During your time on the trail you’re going to hear various people talk about the right and wrong way of hiking. From not staying in towns for a long period of time, to not going aqua blazing because it doesn’t count as a true thru hike, to literally having to touch every single white blaze before moving on. Don’t listen to any of this, do something pure and simple, something you’ll also hear time and time again on the trail, Hike your own hike. If you want to skip sections go ahead, it’s your hike, your adventure, no one should dictate how you or can’t hike. Just remember have fun and above all, hike your own hike.

Lesson 2) The hike is more mental then physical. Your going to find that after a while when your muscles are toned and your in amazing shape, it’s going to be more about the people you meet then the miles you do in a day, in fact you might start to resent hiking so many miles in a day. My advice to you is to set practical goals, don’t over reach because that’s when you’re going to get frustrated and want to go home. This might be a good time to hike with people that you find have the same mind set as you; it’s fun to hike with people you get along with. 

Lesson 3) Nothing ever goes according to plan, so be prepared for the unexpected. It’s going to rain, you’re going to fall down and people will get on your nerves. What should you do about it? Nothing, just know that like the changing seasons things will go away and something new will take its place. It’s raining for a week straight? Ok maybe it will be sunny for the next three days. Keep moving forward and don’t let the small things bring you down. There are so many things that can go wrong when you’re hiking the trail and that’s part of what makes it a life changing experience. Know there is nothing that is planned out perfectly and maybe that’s the point of the whole trip to realize that your out of your element, and to just live with it.

 Lesson 4) Have a reason for what your doing. A lot of people hike the trail for a purpose, mine was because of a promise I made to my grandmother, what’s your purpose? If you go out just because you love to hike, and there is nothing wrong with that, you might find yourself getting bored and longing to go home. Find a charity that you can get sponsored by friends and family to hike, that could give you motivation to hike the entire thing, know that your making a difference for others. Maybe you just love to hike, that’s cool, maybe your goal is to meet as many different people as possible and keep a journal. What ever it is make sure you have a reason for what your doing.

Lesson 5) Bring either a camera or a phone to take as many pictures as possible, something that you can post on social media to show your friends back home. The reception down south is pretty crappy, especially deep in the heart of the woods; make sure to document your time. One day you’ll look back at these pictures one day and feel a sense of accomplishment knowing you did something that not everyone can or will attempt to do. Be sure to get a protective case for your camera or phone just in case you drop it some where, remember expect the unexpected.

Ok folks, so there you have it my tips for hiking the Appalachian Trail have fun and remember to hike your own hike.

Peace and Love



Not a day goes by I don’t mourn my Grandmother. Grammy was taken from me almost five years ago by the disease known as Alzheimer’s. People who haven’t had someone they love go through the stages of Alzheimer’s may find it difficult to understand what I’m talking about. My grandmother was strong, smart, and had a big heart.  As head nurse of a hospital for thirty years she made critical life saving decisions and helped many people through difficult times. She was the most caring, unselfish person I’ve ever known. She took care of me when I was a child and little did I know later in her life I’d take care of her.

In the final stages while still living at home, Grammy’s physical and mental state was deteriorating rapidly. She was getting up in the middle of the night to turn on the stove and going back to bed, walking around the house naked, and trying to go outside without having any sense of direction. She was so discombobulated it was dangerous for her and others. My family made one of the hardest decisions a family can possibly make. For her own safety she had to go live in a nursing home where she would be in the care of nursing professionals.

I tired to visit her everyday in the nursing home. I didn’t want her to feel alone and abandoned. The worst times were when I’d go visit her and find her crying because she was scared and didn’t know where she was. I did my best to calm her down and stayed with her until she fell a sleep, just like she did for me when I was scared of the monsters under my bed. My grandmother went from a walker, to a wheel chair, to confined in the bed where she would eventually die.

 Everything I’ve just said sounds pretty depressing and I suppose it is, but that’s because Alzheimer’s is a depressing and very real disease. My mission with this website is to not only talk about my book, but to also bring awareness to this disease. I plan on doing this by sharing news about the people, research, and developments that will lead to a cure.

But it’s going to take more than just talking about it. If we as human beings don’t do anything to end Alzheimer’s then it’s going to continue and spread taking anyone its path. By coming together we can work together to find a way to stop it.  So, what can you do? Start today, call up your local politicians and ask them how they stand on Alzheimer’s research and if they have supported bills in the past for funding. Join a local Alzheimer’s group see how you can raise money for the association make sure a majority of the money goes for research. It’s easy a phone call or two, and a walk with your family a few times a year can make all the difference. Use social media as a weapon of positivity to get your message out there, do something cool with your friends where you can raise money, if all of these options don’t appeal to you then do the simple thing, volunteer at a local nursing home and see first hand the devastation of Alzheimer’s.

Guess what happens if we do nothing…Nothing, everything stays the same and more people go on dying. So get up off the couch, put the chips down get off social media for two seconds, be the change you want to see in the world. Calling on all slackers everywhere it’s time to rise up and end Alzheimer’s, who’s with me?


Peace and Love


Writing Like Rocky

The bell dings my legs are wobbly, sweat pours down my beaten and bruised face. My opponent bigger and stronger then me, looks like he’s putting in no effort to beat me to a bloody pulp.  People are shouting, waiting, waving stacks of money, waiting for me fall to the mat, and be out for the count. The bell dings again, there is new life surging through my body as I’m allowed to rest for a few minutes, my trainer tossing water in my face trying to wake me up convincing me to toss in the towel, he’s screaming but I can’t hear him my ears are in too much pain. My blurry vision is seeing double of everything, I think about the fight and what it represents, not just to me but to everyone who’s counting on me. The bell dings again, this time I rise my legs and I feel stronger, I’m focused, I’ve been knocked down beaten and almost thrown in the towel but I’m still standing. My opponent looks confused this isn’t the same man he was just fighting the previous round, this man looks like he’s been reborn, and for the first time the panic which I once had in my face is now on my opponents.

            This is the process of what is was like writing my book BELIEVE, even though I wasn’t in a boxing ring, I did metaphorically take the same beating. It took me three long years to get this book self published, and along the way I made every mistake and dealt with more failures then most people deal with in a lifetime.  I had to learn to write like ROCKY, no matter how many times I do something wrong I had to keep going. I was determined write draft after draft each time my confidence growing knowing that I was in fact getting better, had I quit however I never would have gained that confidence.

            I’m not the worlds best writer nor do I claim to be, I failed freshman English and had to go to summer school, this was a test in both humility and second chances. I hated the fact that the rest of my friends were out partying while I had to stay in because I had to write a paper and get up early, but because I was given a second chance it made me grateful that I still had an opportunity to graduate on time. The feeling of going to summer school was like being in a boxing ring and getting knocked down, me reaching my goal and doing well in the class was me getting back up again. That’s what I’ve learned about our dreams, like the great Rocky Balboa said in the movie Rocky Balboa “It ain’t about how hard you hit it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” My dream was to always be a writer and with a plethora of learning disabilities and a bunch of negative people around me it seemed like I was down for the count before I even threw my first punch. It wasn’t until I got sober, that I realized my dreams were truly a gateway to my destiny. Even though I don’t have an English degree, and every paper I write has zillions of spelling and grammar errors it doesn’t matter because I don’t allow fear to decided my fate, I will decided what I am and who I’m going to be regardless of how hard the fight ahead may seem. If you have a dream fight for it, be the Rocky of your dreams and don’t allow any excuse to get in the way of how you want your life to turn out. Stand up tall, and when the bell rings don’t be afraid to get hit or fall down, be afraid of not getting back up. The power is within you to have the best life possible, so go out and make it a reality, and let the obstacles in your life bounce off your chest, and no matter what keep moving forward, it is possible.

Until next time.